Where Can I Buy Dogecoin Online And What Can I Buy With Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is one of the meme coins that has spiked in terms of popularity in recent years. The Dogecoin crypto project was developed as a satirical irony, currently, it has evolved to be among the popular cryptocurrencies with large adoption and active community.

Numerous questions are coming from different individuals on where to buy or what is dogecoin used for. To clear such questions and to help novice individual who wants to know more about dogecoin or invest in it, this article will be providing well-detailed explanations on where to buy dogecoin and also what you can use dogecoin for.

Where Can I Buy Dogecoin Online?

Using Centralized Exchanges

Centralized exchanges are crypto exchanges that are owned and controlled by an individual or groups of individuals. Examples of such crypto exchanges are; Binance, Coinbase, Bybit, Kucoin, etc. The subsequent paragraph will be making emphases about these crypto platforms which you can buy dogecoin from.

  • Binance: this is one of the reputable and biggest crypto exchanges. It has DOGE/USDT trading pair. This pair means to buy Dogecoin, you will need Usdt to swap it for Dogecoin. Binance has a good and nice interface that supports the trading of many cryptocurrencies.
  • Bybit: it is one of the popular crypto exchanges just like Binance. It comprises different cryptocurrencies, well-known for its robust security and advanced trading features. Bybit also supports DOGE/USDT trading just like Binance.
  • Robinhood: it has a user-friendly trading system that enables an individual to easily buy and sell dogecoin. It also contains DOGE/USDT pairs.
  • Coinbase: this is one of the most popular trading crypto exchanges in the USA. It allows users to trade, buy, sell, and invest in Dogecoin.

There are other cryptocurrency exchanges that contained DOGE/USDT pair where an individual can buy and sell Dogecoin, examples of such platforms are; Kucoin, Okx, Mexc, Bitgert, Kraken, etc.

Using Peer-To-peer Platforms:

On a cryptocurrency P2P trading platform, you buy and sell cryptocurrencies. P2P transactions usually take place on crypto exchanges. The main function of the crypto exchange is to connect buyers to sellers, and sellers to buyers. Examples of these platforms are;

  • Binance P2P: It links buyers and sellers together in order to facilitate transactions. On this P2P platform, you can buy or sell different kinds of cryptocurrencies with Dogecoin inclusive. It provides buyers and sellers with different payment options ranging from a bank transfer, PayPal, etc
  • Kucoin P2P: This platform is similar to Binance P2P. it allows the trading of different kinds of cryptocurrencies including Dogecoin. It provides several payment options for buyers and sellers to make use of while transacting.
  • LocalBitcoin: transactions of cryptocurrencies are made easy with the help of this platform. It allows the purchasing of Dogecoin and it connects buyers and sellers together using a P2P system. However, this platform was initially developed to carry out Bitcoin transactions.

What can I buy with Dogecoin?

Just like how we use fiat currencies for different purposes, you can as well use Dogecoin for different purposes or transactions in places where it is accepted as a means of exchange. The paragraphs below will be explaining what you can be using Dogecoin for or to buy.

It can be used for charitable donations. There are platforms that accept dogecoins for charity donations. Examples of such platforms are;

  • Doge4kids: this is a charity community that assists children with medications and education needs. They accept dogecoin as a donation for this.
  • Doge4water: this charity organization helps to fund clean water. By doing this, they accept dogecoin to support this project.

Online Retailer

These are individuals that sell retail products online. There are different kinds of online retail platforms that accept dogecoin as the means of exchange. Examples of such platforms will be discussed below;

  • eGifter: You can buy gift cards from different stores online with eGifters using Dogecoin. Examples of stores that accept dogecoin in purchasing gift cards are; Starbucks, Walmart, etc
  • Newegg: this online retail shop accepts dogecoin for purchasing computer hardwires, tech-related products, and electronics.

Online Communities/Content Creator

Some content creators and online communities accept dogecoin when supporting their works. They can be musicians, comedians, etc.

  • Reddit: to buy Reddit gold membership, you can use Dogecoin. This help to provide premium features and benefits. 


Dogecoin has transcended its status as a satirical cryptocurrency, nowadays more organizations and businesses see dogecoin as a cryptocurrency that has a promising future. With the existence of numerous crypto exchanges and P2P platforms, the process of buying dogecoin has been made easy.

Dogecoin can be used for different financial activities outside its use as an investment asset on crypto exchanges. Financial activities are; online retailers (eGifter, Newegg, Bitrefill), charitable organizations, and online communities that are now accepting it as a means of transactions and for charity donations. 

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