Is Bitcoin Real Or Fake?

In the past few years especially in the financial institution, Bitcoin has become the masterpiece topic in the financial system. As the first decentralized currency, $BTC has experienced a remarkable price increase bringing in both individuals who are passionate about cryptocurrencies and those who want to make generational wealth from $BTC. 

Many people are skeptical about the growth of $BTC over the recent years, because of how many crypto enthusiasts are making a financial fortune out of it and most importantly changing their lives. As a result of that, a debate has been raised between different people to know whether $BTC is real or fake.

 This article will be creating insight to know about $BTC, uncovering facts to be able to tell whether $BTC is real or fake.

The Origin Of Bitcoin

The white paper of $BTC was published In 2008 titled “Bitcoin: A Peer-To-Peer Electronic Cash System”, under the group of individuals or individuals called “Satoshi Nakamoto”. Transactions using $BTC are processed in a decentralized form, eliminating the third party thereby making the whole system faster and more convenient. This is possible with the help of a technology called blockchain.   

Blockchain Technology As Relation To Bitcoin

Blockchain is the fundamental technology behind the existence of $BTC and other cryptocurrencies. This technology minimized fraud and introduced transparency to crypto transactions, this is due to the use of distributed ledger to record every transaction over a network of computers. Blockchain allows consensus-based decision-making, and it terminates a thirty party (bank in this case) in financial transactions. 

Is Bitcoin Real or Fake?

Lots of attention has been drawn to $BTC in the recent time. It is used as a means of transaction and also, and it can be used for different kinds of things such as; investments, making shopping online, used for trading other assets on different crypto exchanges, etc. However, it is essential to know that the price of $BTC may fluctuate. Also, it has different regulatory policies based on the country of your residence.

Considering some of the uses of $BTC mentioned above, it can be categorically stated that; $BTC is real and not fake. Bitcoin is absolutely real regarding the fact that it emerged as a digital asset and it operates on a network of decentralization eliminating third parties in terms of transactions. It can be used for several purposes, people can buy it, or sell it. Any transactions carried out using $BTC can be verified and recorded thereby giving verifiable evidence of the transactions.

Areas Where Bitcoin Is Applicable

Bitcoin has other areas where it is useful despite being considered a digital currency. It functions as a means of transaction, as digital gold, etc. People living in nations with restricted access to conventional financial banks find $BTC alluring because of its decentralized feature. In addition, blockchain which is the technology behind the creation of Bitcoin also have varieties of applications such as; smart contracts, decentralized finance (DEFI), and supply chains.

 Some Of The Problems Faced By Bitcoin

Bitcoin has potential future promises but it faces some challenges and other demerits. The major challenge faced by $BTC is price fluctuation. The adoptions and the stabilities of the crypto market are influenced by regulatory policies through the government. In terms of transaction volume, the challenge faced by $BTC is due to its scaling capability.


No doubt that $BTC is real. It is a decentralized currency that is built on blockchain technology. In the financial institution, it added an immerse impart on it offering investment opportunities and real-life practical applications.

Although, it is faced with some significant challenges ranging from price fluctuation, government regulatory policies, and criminal activities by scammers.  It is advisable to carry out intensive research and follow instructions strictly before carrying out any investment or financial decisions.

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