When Will Bitcoin Rise Again?

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as a whole are steadily gaining recognition from the general public. There are presently more than 35,000, and it is impossible to predict the newly developed ones in the future. By market capitalization, Bitcoin is the global highest cryptocurrency.

In respective to the dominance of Bitcoin in the crypto market, different cryptocurrencies such as; Ethereum, Litcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc are cryptocurrencies with potential rivals for the interests of investors.

Considering the topic of this content, knowing when Bitcoin will rise again is related to various factors which will be discussed here, also will be discussing what bull run is all about as one of the factors that contributed to the rise of Bitcoin, and also the future of Bitcoin.

What Is A Bull Run?

In the last few years, cryptocurrency has witnessed some seasons of significant price increases. Investors usually obtained substantial profits in the period of the bull run due to the golden opportunity it presented to them.

As an investor, it is crucial to make informed decisions in profit making and minimaxing risks. The end question now is “What bull run real is?”.

A bull run is a season in the cryptocurrency market which is famous for the continuous increments in the prices of cryptocurrencies. There is an increase in the demand for cryptocurrency during this season which rises the prices of crypto assets.

What Triggers Cryptocurrency Bull Run?

The cryptocurrency bull run is triggered by many factors ranging from economic factors, technology development, market sentiment, and technology development. Some of these factors will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs.

  • Technological Development: The introduction of innovative projects with real-life applications and advancement in blockchain technology stimulate the market and increase cryptocurrency adoption.
  • Economy Factor: Investors frequently to cryptocurrency as a hedge against economic challenges, inflation anxieties, or depreciation of currencies in the traditional market.
  • Market Sentiment: A bull run can be ignited by positive news concerning cryptocurrencies, favorable policies, and public adoptions. This draws investors to the crypto industry and also brings more hope to crypto enthusiasts.
  • Bitcoin Halving: This is the most important factor that leads to “BULL Run”. Bitcoin halving is always carried out in the period of every 4 years. Bitcoin halving helped to reduce the rate of Bitcoin in circulation thereby causing scarcity and increasing its worth. This leads to significant increments in the price of Bitcoin.

How To Know The End Of A Bullrun?

Many investors stay too long in the market, which causes them to lose the profits they had acquired from the market during the Bullrun. Market forces are subjected to sudden changes, therefore predicting the end of Bullrun accurately can be challenging. However, certain conditions can give information or a message of when it can stop. Below are the discussions of some of these conditions.

  • Increased market volatility: The market will become more volatile as the Bullrun is toping which will lead to sudden swings and rapid market corrections leading to market instability.
  • Overheating Of The Market: When there is a sudden uptrend movement in the prices of digital assets in the market, it makes triggers investors to be more enthusiastic, possibly close to a Bullrun peak, and it signs as an overheated market. At this stay, it is crucial to exit when every trader is happy.
  • Impacts Of Policies: The optimism and confidence of investors can be reduced or increased based on the impact of policies concerning the market, whether it is a negative or positive policy.  If it is a negative policy, it created fear within investors which will in turn cause dumping of the market.

The Future Of Bitcoin

The future of Bitcoin looks bright because of its promising features. As a cryptocurrency, there are factors discussed in the previous paragraphs which will determine whether the future of Bitcoin will hold or fails. One of these factors discussed was market volatility, it is one of the famous factors that need to be solved to have little or no impact on the market if people must embrace the adoption of Bitcoin. However, if there is any sign that cryptocurrency will fail, institutions accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment won’t be eager to do that. Also, those who believed that the price of Bitcoin will rise, will not want to exchange it with any common commodity instead they turned out to be a holdler.

When Will Bitcoin Rise?

Well in the content of this topic, we have seen what Bullrun is all about and how Bitcoin halving is considered to be one of the major factors that trigger Bullrun. The next rise of Bitcoin can be traced down to the next Bullrun coming up in 2024 because of the upcoming Bitcoin halving. Bitcoin will become scarcer, which will lead to high demand for it, thereby bringing an increment in the price of Bitcoin.


The biggest name among other cryptocurrencies is Bitcoin. It will continue to be the major player in the industry as far as Bitcoin stands. In Bitcoin’s first few years, the market dominance was low than it was. However, it was way higher than the Bullrun had in 2017.

Considering when Bitcoin will rise, it has to be channeled down to the beginning of the next Bitcoin Bullrun which is triggered by various factors ranging from market sentiments, technological development, favorable regulations, etc. If all those factors occur simultaneously in the same season, then it triggers the rise of Bitcoin.

However, it is always advisable to carry out intensive research before making an investment in cryptocurrency or seek advice from a professional as that will save you from future loss.

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