How To Use Bitcoin To Make Money?

Bitcoin has a peculiar system. It was built from the ground up to be an entirely independent system for financial exchanges.

Frequently, different individuals asked questions on “How To Make Money With Bitcoin?” but the fact is that; making money with Bitcoin is becoming more and more challenging if the right channel or knowledge is not attained. Most times, individuals are been scammed of free $BTC offerings which are frequently false. One of the methods used by these scammers is $BTC mining or $BTC investment. The fact is that $BTC mining is so competitive that it is rarely a successful endeavor for individuals with tiny capitals for a start.

Bitcoin was valued at up to $0.90 when it was launched in 2009. As of the time of writing, the value of $BTC is $25,156. However, crypto enthusiasts are upbeat about the future of $BTC due to its price increases of it since its invention. (visit:The Raise Of Bitcoin: Understanding The Basics Of Cryptocurrency)

Well, you can still make money with $BTC in various ways which can be either lending, holding (investment), ETC. In this article, I will be explaining how you can make money with $BTC profitably in the substituent paragraphs.

Bitcoin Trading: This entails buying and selling $BTC over a short period to profit from price fluctuations. Bitcoin trading is usually done using fundamental analysis sometimes, technical analysis by using technical tools, and the use of market indicators to make market decisions to determine the entry and exit of the market.

There are different kinds of trading which include; swing, day, or arbitrage (visit:The Benefits Of Investing In Altcoins: How To Diversify Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio). To be a $BTC it requires practical experience, a solid grasp of the market dynamics, and market demand expertise.

Bitcoin Lending/Borrowing: Some cryptocurrency exchanges allowed lending of $BTC at the pools available on the exchange to get profits at certain percentages depending on the amount of money lent out. These exchanges connect borrowers and lenders who need $BTC for different uses. The lending of $BTC is sometimes risky as it can lead to non-paying borrowers or exchange flaws. It is highly advisable to carry out proper investigations and research before lending your $BTC on any platform.

Bitcoin Investment (Buying And Holding): this involves buying $BTC and holding or keeping it for a long period, expecting a high increase in the price of the value over time. Since the inception of $BTC, it has seen considerable price swings, and some investors have profited greatly by keeping it for an extended period. Before making a Bitcoin investment, it is advisable to carry out a technical and fundamental analysis.   

Bitcoin Mining: this is the use of specific hardware to solve mathematics challenges, validate transactions and add them to the blockchain. The transaction fees and created $BTC are awarded to those who mined it. Usually, an upfront investment is needed substantially while mining Bitcoin, even in hardware and energy expenditures, and is becoming more resource-intensive and competitive.

Bitcoin Peer-To-Peer Trading: Another way to earn $BTC is through the $BTC P2P trading system. This kind of trading system is also referred to as Over-The-Counter trading (OTC). It is the direct trading of $BTC between two people without the involvement of a third party. This is advantageous to both buyers and sellers as it doesn’t cost any additional fees from any intermediary.

Crypto Jobs: As a skilled individual, one can earn make money from Bitcoin by offering job services to blockchain companies and get paid with $BTC. These jobs can be; a crypto content writer for a company or an individual, a UI/UX designer for a crypto project, a crypto community manager, ETC.


There are numerous ways to make money using Bitcoin, and most of these ways are brought up by scammers. The methods highlighted here can help you earn Bitcoin profitably if follow diligently. Always endeavor to carry out research before putting your Bitcoin in a lending platform as it helps to avoid scammers.   

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