How To Use AI In Forex Trading

Artificial Intelligence (AI) trading also known as algorithmic trading is a method of executing trades using computer programs, trained on good trading data and processes. For an AI program to be effective it actually needs a large volume of data for its algorithm process. The use of AI in Forex trading can be an effective way to analyze and understand the market trends. It can help traders make a better decision by predicting market moves and automating trades. In this comprehensive blog, we will be looking at how to utilize AI in Forex trading.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) In Forex Trading

AI programs are programmed to identify patterns in the market, from basic bullish and bearish patterns to complex stock analysis. These computer programs have been trained to recognize different trade patterns, graphs, candlesticks patterns, and also possess the ability to make trade based on those patterns. AI algorithms can analyze large amount of data and provide traders with the view of the market trends. This algorithm can also automate trading, and make informed decisions based on market conditions. For example; you can make one or train already available AI software to integrate a particular method you usually use for a market. So, they won’t be a need of you drawing lines, adding moving average, resistance and support levels for the same thing every day. The AI using your method or already existing method tells you the trade entry and exit point.

How To Use AI In Forex Trading

1. Determine Your Trading Strategy

A trading strategy is an instruction that guides you towards making trading decision. Developing a trading decision is the first step towards using AI for Forex trading. This strategy should include your risk management, trade management, and entry and exit point. Once you have developed this strategy, then, you can use AI algorithms to backtest for adjustment (if need be).

2. Select The Right AI Technology

The next step toward utilizing AI in Forex trading is to choose the technology that best fits your trading needs. We have many AI technologies for Forex trading and they include, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. Machine learning can help algorithms when integrate can help to to analyze historical data and predict market trends. Computer vision algorithms can help in analyzing charts and graphs in order to identify patterns. Moreover, there are available free AI trading software, and they include;

  • Trade Ideas – it’s designed to help you find the best trades by analyzing data and market conditions when the market is active.
  • Quantopian – This software is an open-source platform that allows you to build and test your own AI trading algorithms. Mostly great for your own ideas or for developers.
  • MetaTrader -another trading platform that includes a built-in AI trading assistant that can help you make trading decisions.
  • Zorro – This software allows you to create and test AI trading strategies, and it also has a backtesting feature.

3. Collate And Analyze Data

You need to gather and take data analysis if you want to use AI in Forex trading. Collect information on market trends, news, and economic indicators. AI algorithms can help you analyze the data and discover patterns which can make trading decisions. AI algorithms can as well automate your trade using the analysis.

4. Test Run Your Trading Strategy

After you have collated and analyzed the data, you have to test and reshape your trading strategy if need be. You can use AI to backtest your strategy, and based on the result, necessary adjustments could be make too.

5. Automate Your trade

Lastly, using AI algorithms, you can automate your trade. With automated trades, you can algorithms can make trading decisions and execute trades automatically. Based on your trading strategy and market conditions, you can set up your trading platform to execute trades.


The use of AI in Forex trading is a powerful tool for traders. AI algorithms can make your job easy by running all the hard work based on your training. Even if you are new to trading, with the help of AI, you can generate trade entry and exit point and fetch your profits. By following the steps given in this article, you can successfully use AI to make good trading decisions and improve your profits in the Forex market.

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