How To Report Forex Scams On Telegram

The forex market which is the largest financial market has become more accessible to traders worldwide. But this accessibility has also increased the number of forex scammers that target the vulnerable. Telegram, the popular messaging app has seen a huge rise in users recently. This program now claims a phenomenal 700 million active users as of June 2022, according to the most recent data. Telegram is also well-known for its strong privacy and encryption features. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide on how to report forex scams on Telegram.

1. Identify A Forex Scam

Understanding how to identify potential currency scams on Telegram is essential before starting the reporting procedure. Scammers frequently use a variety of techniques to draw in victims, including making unreasonably high-profit claims, assuring returns, or providing victims with “exclusive” investment opportunities. Watch out for profiles that do not disclose their trading history, use aggressive sales techniques, or demand immediate investment in their platform.

2. Gather Evidence                              

Prior to reporting a forex scam on Telegram, compile as much proof as you can. This includes screenshots of chats, usernames, group and channel names, and any promises or assertions made by the scammer. The more evidence you have will determine how strong your case will be.

3. Report To Telegram

Telegram provides an easy way to report scams directly through the app.

  • To report an individual chat;

Open the chat with the scammer, tap on their profile picture, click on the three dots in the upper right corner, and choose “Report.” You may need to provide details about why you think the account is spam. Provide a concise and clear explanation of the scam activity using the evidence you have gathered.

  • To report groups/channels;

Open the group or channel, tap on the name at the top, scroll down to find the “Report” option, and provide the scam details. This could include the screenshots and pieces of evidence you have gathered.

Do not forget to select the relevant category of the scam nature. Telegram offers several reporting categories. In the case of forex scams, you can select options such as “Spam,” “Fake Bot,” or “Violence.” Select the one that best fits the nature of the scam.

4. Encourage Others To Report

Forex scams develop when people who are unaware of them become victims. Consider warning others by sharing your experience. Encourage your followers and friends to be careful and report any suspicious scam activity. By educating investors about forex scams, people can be prevented from falling victim.


As the forex market’s popularity continues to rise, so does the chance of becoming a victim of fraud. Telegram, which has a large population of users and offers some privacy, has unluckily turned into a hub for Forex scammers. However, traders can actively contribute to the creation of a safer trading environment by learning how to identify scams, compiling evidence, and reporting suspect accounts, groups, or channels. Keep in mind that your best line of defense against fraud in the world of Internet trading is to be aware and be careful.

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