10 Highest Paid Government Jobs In Canada

Canada is known for it’s increase in the number of employment opportunities which has made Canada one of the most preferred travel destinations for job seekers who want to get a better job and improved salary.

Not just does Canada provide job opportunities and pay well, they also provide maximum security for everyone dwelling within it’s borders.

Here are ten government positions that have historically been associated with high salaries:

1. Prime Minister: The Prime Minister of Canada is the head of government and receives a substantial salary due to the responsibilities associated with this position. In addition to the salary, the Prime Minister also receives allowances and benefits.

2. Governor General: The Governor General is the representative of the Queen in Canada and performs ceremonial duties. This position has historically received a significant salary and allowances.

3. Judges: Judges at various levels, including the Supreme Court of Canada and provincial superior courts, receive high salaries to ensure the independence and integrity of the judiciary.

4. Members of Parliament (MPs): While MPs’ base salary may not be the highest, they receive additional allowances and benefits, along with potential committee and leadership stipends.

5. Federal Cabinet Ministers: Cabinet Ministers are responsible for various government departments and receive higher compensation due to their significant roles and responsibilities.

6. University Professors and Researchers: Canada’s federal and provincial governments invest in academic research and education, which can lead to well-compensated positions, especially in specialized fields.

7. Senior Civil Servants: Senior executives within government departments and agencies, responsible for policy development and implementation, often receive competitive salaries.

8. Medical Professionals: Government-employed doctors and specialists, especially those working in areas with physician shortages, can earn high salaries while providing essential healthcare services.

9. Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers: Positions within Transport Canada, such as pilots and air traffic controllers, often command high salaries due to the critical nature of their roles in aviation safety.

10. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Officers: High-ranking officers in the RCMP, as well as specialised units, can earn substantial salaries due to the nature of their law enforcement responsibilities.


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