10 Amazing Blockchain Projects For Beginners With Source Code

Blockchain technology has transformed several firms due to its capability to provide safe transactions, transparency, and a decentralized system. If you are a novice who is passionate about acquiring knowledge about blockchain technology development, several projects are accessible with simple Illustrations which are easily understandable and can assist you to learn the concepts and gain practical knowledge about blockchain technology.

Along with source code, this article will be highlighting 10 important blockchain projects for beginners.

1.Bitcoin ($BTC):

Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency and the first blockchain project.  It brought the idea of the peer-to-peer transactions, decentralization, and digital currency. On the official GitHub repository, the source code of Bitcoin can easily be accessible.

2.Ethereum ($ETH):

Ethereum is one of the most famous and influential platforms. It allows the development of numerous decentralized applications and decentralized finance through smart contract functionality. Ethereum is a good long-term investment with good potential because they migrate to Ethereum version 2.0 which will help to improve security and scalability in the blockchain platform. The source code is available on the Github repository which permits an individual to navigate and comprehend the inner tasks of complex blockchain ecosystems.

3.Ripple ($XRP):

Ripple is a digital currency and a payment system that was developed to carry out international transactions quickly and efficiently. On the ripple blockchain, $XRP operates as the role of a bridge currency, allowing smooth transactions between several fiat currencies. Ripple is a significant player in the payments cross-border as a result of their collaborations with different financial institutions.  The source code for Ripple can be found on the GitHub repository.

4.Hyperledger Fabric:

This was developed by Linus Foundation and it is an authorized blockchain system. It was established for institutional use cases and it poses some amazing features such as; modularity, scalability, and privacy. The source code of hyperledge fabric is also found on the GitHub repository.


This is a blockchain platform that was developed for institutions. Among different platforms, it permits safe and confidential transactions. Trace The source code of Corda, is available on its GitHub repository which enables an individual to discover its feature and have a comprehension of how it is implemented.


It is a decentralized ecosystem that intends to facilitate fast and process international transactions at a cheap rate. It offers a network for transferring and exchanging digital assets. Steller source code can also be found on the GitHub repository.


Quorum is an authorized blockchain platform that was built on the Ethereum ecosystem. It laid emphasizes privacy and supports institutional use cases. It gives a chance to delve into blockchain platforms developed for business applications. Its source code is available on the GitHub repository.

8.Polkadot ($DOT):

Polkadot blockchain platform link several blockchain together, and it is known as a multi-chain technology. Via relay chain, it enables developers to create and integrate unique blockchains, these include the ones that have the ability to carry out smart contacts. The source code is available on the GitHub repository.


Eos is a blockchain platform that has a decentralized application. As a decentralized application, it has the following features; governance, scalability, and flexibility. GitHub is the source code of EOS which enables an individual to discover its functionality and architecture.


Neo enables developers to develop decentralized applications and smart contracts on the blockchain ecosystem. It made emphases on digital identity and offers to create a smart economy. It has an open-source as its source code which is available on the GitHub repository. 


This article has extensively elaborated on ten amazing blockchain projects and their open-source code for novices who intend to learn about blockchain technology. By analyzing and interacting with blockchain projects, you can learn about the concept of blockchain technology, decentralized application and finance, smart contract, etc. Using the GitHub repository of each project, individuals can have easy access to their source code.

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