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Job Description


Job Description

Position: Field Agent Underwriter / Leadership Position

Employment Type: Full time and Part time positions available.

Compensation: 100% Commission Based; UNCAPPED commissions with no limit on what you can earn. Finally get paid for the work and time you invest. $10K TRAINING BONUS AVAILABLE FOR MEETING COMPANY BENCHMARKS (IN 3 SEPARATE MONTHS). FRESH/EXCLUSIVE LEADS!

Experience: No previous sales experience is required; our teams will help along the way.

Training: Learn from the best in the business and from people who care about your success.


  1. Are you tired of feeling undervalued, underpaid, and overworked? Building someone else’s dream life!?
  2. Do you sit at work dreaming of quality family time, luxurious vacations, or just not looking at prices on a menu?
  3. We have a scalable system, in the world’s most profitable and rewarding industry, delivering life-changing results!
  4. We have helped dissatisfied and determined individuals willing to work for their dreams, build them quickly.

Benefits of working with us

  • Knowing that you are protecting families and giving them peace of mind
  • You decide whether you work full time or part time
  • Getting paid for the effort and work you put into the business
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Creates a Work-Life Balance
  • Training on sales and product knowledge is top-notch
  • A team type environment so you are never alone and help is only a phone call or text message away
  • Growing a business while growing yourself through leadership skills and training
  • Industry-leading compensation packages
  • Exclusive lead program
  • National conference and extensive product training
  • Branded marketing assets and support
  • World-class travel and incentive programs

Skills and Traits that we are looking for:

  • Someone who is coachable and willing to learn new skills
  • Driven and full of heart and passion
  • Someone dedicated to helping others
  • Committed to being full of integrity and honesty


  • Smart Phone/Computer/Printer/Scanner (or an app that can scan)
  • A valid driver’s license
  • Reliable transportation
  • Willingness to work leads in your county and surrounding areas
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be authorized to work in the United States

(PLEASE NOTE) You must be able to pass a background check (no felonies) and either have a state life insurance license or the ability to obtain one (we will help you with the training and point you in the right direction to get this done quickly).

  • We are searching for self-driven individuals who are looking to build a business for themselves, but not by themselves.
  • We are seeking individuals that we can train using a proven sales system, a team of mentors ready to help you at every turn, and a lead generation system that doesn’t require cold calling.
  • This position is a home-based sales position that is extremely lucrative with an incredible commission structure.

Each year, thousands of homeowners purchase new homes or refinance their existing home mortgage. These homeowners are each sent a letter offering them protection if they would be in an accident, become disabled, or would die. The homeowners fill out the form and send it back in. Our proven lead generation system then distributes the leads to our sales force for them to follow up with, make an appointment, and go sit with the clients to write coverage. There is no cold calling; only qualified, potential buyers.

This system is revolutionizing the insurance industry and is allowing agents to make well over $100,000 in their first year regardless of experience. With a strong desire to learn and grow, you will be able to replicate these proven results.

Basic Job Description

We are seeking a field underwriter that is willing to receive information from interested homeowners and will then call to set appointments with the homeowners in their homes. While in the home, you will review the information provided by the client and present options that the homeowner could both qualify for and fit within their budget.


Most mortgage protection products that are written average a commission of $500-600 per family that is protected. Average field underwriters sell 5 to 10 protection plans each week. Extensive and continual training is done on the sales process and the products. Other products are also available to sell such as accidental policies, child protection, critical illness and more.

About Us:

AJF Financial Group is part of the fastest growing insurance marketing organization in the country. Our extensive portfolio of life insurance and annuity products include Term, Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, UL, EIUL, Disability, Critical Illness, Annuity, EIA, SPIA, LTC, and more. Each of our state licensed representatives are independent brokers, and with that freedom, they have the resources to provide clients with endless options and the ability to customize the best coverage and prices that fit families’ needs.

Our most important focus areas include getting agents paid quickly, keeping costs minimal and giving agents the training and support needed to achieve success. We host national conferences and events to support our agents in becoming experts on the industry-leading products we offer our clients.

Company Description

Who We Are

AJF Financial Grouphas been committed to helping families and individuals protect what matters most. We connect our clients with the best-fitting insurance products while providing our Sales Force with industry-leading training and tools.

People Come First

You will be mentored by an agency manager who reached their own high level of success using the same tools and practices they will use to guide you.

With the ability to work from home and meet clients over video conferencing, our agents are fully committed to helping families protect what matters most.

Join Our Team For Another Decade of Growth

We believe that with hard work and dedication, growth potential is limitless. This attitude does not start and end at work, but it is reflected in all aspects of our lives. From helping others to building impactful relationships, our people-first mentality is contagious.

No agent’s success, earnings, or production results should be viewed as typical, average, or expected. Not all agents achieve the same or similar results, and no particular results are guaranteed. Your level of success will be determined by several factors, including the amount of work you put in, your ability to successfully follow and implement our training and sales system and engage with our lead system, and the insurance needs of the customers in the geographic areas in which you choose to work.

Company Description

AJF Financial Group is a financial service company specializing in mortgage protection, final expense, retirement solutions, and debt elimination.

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