Import Document Coordinator

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Import Document Coordinator

This role is to handle the initial process of opening the customs entry file in the operations system which will involve data entry input of information and external communications with vendors and internal communication with both Entry Processors and Customer Service.



  • Receive electronic or hard copy documentation/manifest from Customer Service.
  • Email documents printed the same day.
  • Save receipt (how documents were received including time and date stamping)
  • Put copy in ASC file folders along with documentation
  • Make sure to put notes when documents were received and which documents.
  • Track within system to see if file is already opened SAME DAY AS RECEIPT (or within 5 working hours)
  • Open files in following priority
  • Air shipments (Grey folders to distinguish from general files)
  • FDA Food shipments (for Prior Notice)
  • ETA order regular shipments
  • Open file in operating system with no punctuation or spaces included in any reference field (minimum information including B/L number (Master and House), container number should be indicated
  • Only for AIC shipments a Y must be added to the CUO field. (Once AIC file is pulled through the Y will automatically be removed).
  • Only for AIC shipments once the AIC file info is pulled through to our 10 file if there is a AMS B/L number noted at the bottom of the Arrival notice it must be added to the file at the time you pull through the AIC info. *Note that once you pull through the AIC file it is no longer visible to our Customers in Ameritrack. They would now see the 10 file info only.
  • If a Purchase order is indicated on the paperwork it must be entered in the reference field. If multiple PO numbers the PO number entered on the first screen must also be entered on the F16 screen for additional reference numbers.
  • Make sure the scanning sheets (internal and commercial) are in the file.
  • Pull through EDI if needed. If EDI is missing for a shipment where EDI is required then you must contact the data center to add the EDI record.
  • Pull through AIC charges and information if needed.
  • Customer Service will handle any reports to client of any missing commercial documents. If only copies provided and original documents are needed, Customer Service will contact client.


  • When missing documents, files must be given to Customer Service at least 10 days before ETA.
  • LA files should be given over at least 7 days before ETA. If documents are received after the 10 or 7 days allowance the file must be given to Customer Service the same day documents are received.
  • Contact consolidator (on house bill of lading shipments) if arrival notice is missing (keep copy of written correspondence in file). Place notes in remarks field of operations system.


  • Exceptional interpersonal and analytical skills required
  • Effective time management skills with problem solving and decision making ability
  • Excellent written and verbal communications skills, statistical analysis, time management, human relations, and organizational skills.


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