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Tom plan my trip

Hello, we are hiring.

Are you in love with the Riviera Maya? Do you spend more time traveling in Mexico than with your family? Do your friends always ask you to help them organize their trip to the Yucatan Peninsula? Do you spend hours planning your next trip by reading hundreds of reviews and online articles?

Then, you’re probably the person we’re looking for!

We are a travel blog that helps over 100,000 travelers plan their trips to Colombia and Mexico monthly. I’m (hi, I’m Tom btw) an “expert” about Colombia (I live there), and I aim to write valuable guides that are different from the boring posts that are now found on the internet (where everyone copies each other).

I spent 2 months on the Yucatan peninsula. I loved it! Not having enough time to write about Colombia and Mexico, we (I work with 2 more people) are looking for writers to write about the Riviera Maya.

It’s an excellent opportunity to write about places you love. You will analyze the best lodging, tours, restaurants, cenotes, beaches, and more!

For this, we need a true expert – no fakers here, please! If you don’t truly have a passion for traveling around the Yucatan Peninsula, it’s not going to work, I’m afraid.

Still reading? Great!

So, what’s in it for you? Not only do you get to make money from your passion, but you’ll also be part of a team of cool guys and girls (us :D). We’ll give you a consistent, flexible flow of work alongside world-class editorial tools (Surferseo, Dynalist) and good instructions to ensure you can produce the very best content with minimal bottlenecks.

You’ll also get to be part of an exciting, growing project with a bright future for which we have big plans in the pipeline.


  • Must have at least 3+ years writing experience
  • Must have Mexico Travel writing samples
  • Must have lived at least 1 year in the Riviera Maya (or nearby) in the last 3 years


  • Competitive freelance rates: 3.5 Cents per word for the first 4 articles, then 4.00 Cents per word
  • Consistent workload every month: 3 articles of 3000 – 5000 words each
  • Deadline: 10 days
  • Stable work as we’re growing super fast!

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