Entry Level Sales Representative (In Store)

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Entry Level Sales Representative (In Store)

HAPPY NEW YEAR …. Time for a new start!!!


This new year we are offering local candidates in the Chicago area, the opportunity to get your foot in the door and start something new. We can offer you:

  • A friendly and fun work environment
  • On site training
  • Guaranteed weekly pay above the local & state average!
  • Regular bonuses and more!

Our on-site team make it easy for all members to become the best version of themselves in a short amount of time. They make learning sales fun and have helped us cultivate a supportive, team environment!


Sales Representative Responsibilities

  • Working as an active part of our sales & branding team, engaging with customers about a specific client and their products/service
  • Answering common questions and handling objections when appropriate
  • Closing sales and collecting payment details from customers using a tablet or other digital device
  • Setting up and taking down branded displays or kiosks in retail venues and other event spaces
  • Working as part of a team, but also focusing on individual goals/ targets

We’d like to grow our events team ASAP, so we’re ideally looking for people in the Chicago area that can start right away! If you have a competitive edge and can strike up a conversation with someone you’ve just met, we’d love to hear from you!


Growth Opportunities:

  • Progression opportunities will be available to top performers who show leadership abilities and produce consistent results
  • We’re passionate about personal development, so in addition to skills-based training, we also offer coaching designed to help people in their everyday lives (mindset, time management, goal setting, etc)
  • All of our team members are encouraged to expand their comfort zones by experiencing new things, overcoming challenges, making on-the-spot decisions, and doing things that make them slightly uncomfortable
  • We encourage our people to learn & grow at their own pace and we check in with our team regularly to keep them on track towards their career goals

No specific experience is required, but it does help if you’ve worked with the public before in retail sales, customer service, hospitality, or a similar environment.

Sales Representative Requirements:

  • You’ll need to be 18+ years old because of the data you’ll be collecting from customers and the independent nature of the role
  • Although no specific experience is required, it’s helpful if you’ve worked with the public in a customer-facing role and are comfortable speaking with customers in-person
  • This is NOT A REMOTE position and requires travel to our events, so you’ll need to be able to commute to our office in Chicago
  • Bonus points if you can start right away!


Apply Online Today for consideration… Kick start your 2023 today!

Send your resume through the online application process today to see if we can find a match between what you’re looking for and what we can offer!