Customer Service Sales! Licensing Costs Covered, Up to $21 hourly! Remote!

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Customer Service Sales! Licensing Costs Covered, Up to $21 hourly! Remote!

Customer Service Sales! Licensing Costs Covered, Up to $21 hourly! Remote!


Longview, WA




Job Description*Must be able to travel to our HIVE Center in Longview, WA* The Mission Think about how different our world has become over the past 2 years. We’re approaching our working lives now with a fresh perspective and a sense of new possibilities: trying out new careers, working from home, even moving to new cities. The global environment is dynamic and rapidly evolving but one thing is clear: the future of work is happening now. Despite this tectonic shift (fancy words for “huge change”) not all people have gained ground. For example, what about the folks living in rural communities, where low-wage work in fast food and retail are still the main options? They have been mostly overlooked during this sea tide of change. This is where we come in… “We create opportunities for people to challenge themselves and grow; wherever they live and wherever they are professionally”. It’s one of our core values and something we take seriously. In service of this value, this year we launched a new program called HIVE. Our HIVE mission is to bring great jobs to great people in great communities. So no matter where people live, we give them access to top employers offering excellent pay and benefits and a lifetime of career advancement potential. Think working for Tesla from your farmhouse in Dixon, Illinois (just an example, don’t get too excited).

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Responsibilities Let’s Talk About Your Position

Are you ready to experience innovation, collaboration, and a culture of connection in the Hive with a dynamic team? Our Hive Center in Longview is a boot amp training center that educates and delivers skilled talent to Fortune 10 companies. We’ve added one class and are seeking a limited number of exceptionally talented individuals who want to jump start their career into the Medicare Health Insurance Industry as a Health Insurance Agent.

Our paid training and licensure will provide you the tools, but your drive and performance will drive your career into a Fortune 10 Company!

Compensation post training on average between $16-20, based on key performance metrics. Due to limited class size, only highly motivated need apply.


+ Be an active participant in training by asking questions, meeting deadlines, encouraging colleagues, successfully transferring theory into practice

+ Be license-ready post training by reviewing material, study groups, taking prep courses, lean into subject matter experts, diligently learn the provided material

+ Be committed to our culture of inclusion, diversity, equity and action

Basic Qualifications

+ Drive to launch your career as Licensed Health Insurance Agent selling Medicare Plans

+ Commitment to Onsite Training in the Longview Hive location for 6 weeks

+ Post-Training: ability to self-motivate, and meet work home requirements including a dedicated and distraction free work environment, hardwired internet connection (10 mbps download, 5 mbps upload


+ Net connection (10 mbps download, 5 mbps upload)




BroadPath Healthcare Solutions



Longview, WA

98632 USA