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Apply Here: Writer For Entertainment News Articles Needed

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By Sammy

Hello there,


We publish several high-profile websites, one of which is a BRAND NEW TV & Movie entertainment site.

We are looking to hire a true lover of the entertainment industry who can come up with ideas and cover industry news on topics like:

  • Yellowstone Season 5 Rumors
  • 10 New Netflix Stand-up Specials Worth Watching
  • XYZ Show Season Finale Predictions

We’d love to hire someone who follows the US entertainment industry for fun and is up on all the latest with TV, movies, streaming, etc.


This is an ongoing project since we’re regularly publishing new content on our site. It certainly has the potential to be a long term project.


You must enjoy writing and be very good at it. Anyone can write a boring review. We require the write-ups to be engaging, detailed, helpful, personable, and humorous with a touch of snarkiness. All in all, they must entertain as much as they inform.

We are looking for someone who can work 10 hours per week, producing 2 – 4 articles per weekday on what’s happening in TV and film.

Given the high volume, you’ll have a lot of control over what we cover. Rather than us telling you what to write, you’ll use social media and other outlets to cover what’s coming soon, reviews on shows/movies you’ve watched personally, and anything else trending in the industry.

The goal is that in time, we’ll build up a following on social media and earn placements in Google News and Google Discover to get traffic to this timely content.

Word counts will vary but this won’t be long form content for the most part. Typical articles will look something like this:

You must have (or be willing to open) a Paypal account for invoicing.

Familiarity with WordPress is an asset, as the ideal candidate will be formatting and publishing their content to our site.


You can work wherever you want. However, you must be a native English speaker and be able to write for a primarily US audience.


Ideally, you can complete 2 to 4 news articles per week. The first batch may take a bit longer as you get up to speed.

(We are also open to people who can handle even more articles per week)


$15 per hour.

You will be paid weekly by sending us an invoice via Paypal for all of the work you completed that week.

This is a freelancer position.


The ideal candidate will be comfortable publishing your work in WordPress. We can provide training as needed, but given the high volume of content you’ll be asked to self-edit using Grammarly and even tools like ChatGPT (not to create the content, just to offer editing suggestions).


The position starts immediately.


You can apply via the attached form.

PLEASE NOTE that we read the application to assess writing capability. If it’s boilerplate and boring, we’ll probably not reply.

Write the application so that it’s interesting – show us your writing chops. We’d also love to hear about your interest/experience with TV/Films.

Kindly provide 3 writing samples, preferably web writing. Simply include URLs to the samples.

Please confirm your start date as well. Also, let us know if you are available to write for us in the long term.


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